College Level Curriculum Materials

How we teach this course at Iowa State University

At Iowa State University we have been teaching a course called “Introduction to Computer Security Literacy”  The course is taught as an 7 week course that meets once a week.  The course at ISU has been “flipped” so the students are required to watch short modules before class.  To ensure they have watched the videos the students also must complete an on-line quiz prior to the class meeting time.  The students are also given reading assignments from the book “Computer Security Literacy: Staying Safe in a Digital Word”.  They are also required to write seven short essays.

ISU Course Catalog Description

CprE 131 – Introduction to Computer Security Literacy. 1 credit. Basic concepts of practical computer and Internet security: passwords, email and attachments, social networking, web browsers, e-commerce, phishing, wireless networks, and cyber ethics. This class is intended for students with little or no background in information technology. Basic knowledge of word processing required. Satisfactory-fail only.

Class Format

The hour of class time is discussion based and focuses on the topic from the videos.  The class starts with an attendance quiz that the students work on in small groups and is designed to get the discussion started.   The remainder of the class time is a facilitated discussion.

Below are samples of the syllabus, weekly outlines, and attendance quizzes that have been used in the 7 week course at Iowa State.  These files can be modified for your use in your course.

Sample syllabus (word format):  Syllabus Template

Weekly outlines (zip file containing word docs):  Class Outlines

Attendance quizzes (zip file containing word docs):  Attendance Quizzes

Video modules: YouTube Link & Vimeo Link

We are working on posting these materials in both MP4 and in WMV format, email for access to the modules and power point slides. You will be able to download the videos and host them on your own site.

Read-only PowerPoints:  The read only power modules are designed to be used in the classroom setting and are the same content as the video modules.

Quizzes and Writing Assignments: These are available on the password protected part of the web site.  Instructions for gaining access can be found on the instructor materials page.