High School

We are working to release a full high school curriculum and are also developing a teacher professional development course to help teachers learn how to offer the curriculum.  If you are interested in piloting the materials or learning more about teaching a high school course please contact us:  security-literacy@iastate.edu

For high schools age students we envision teachers will use the modules along with the various in-class activities and assessments.  We envision two methods of delivery for the modules:

1. Security Literacy threaded through the curriculum.  In this methods a teacher would pick one or modules and use them as part of a current class.  We will be developing suggestions of classes that each modules could be used in.

2. Security Literacy course: In this method the school would introduce a course in security literacy and would use most if not all the modules in a formal course setting.  We are developing a full set of teacher materials to aid in the development and teaching of a course.

3. We also have a more in depth cyber security curriculum based on the the IT-Adventures / Hyperstream project that is host on the ISERink cyber security playground.

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